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Thirty students from Gran Canaria will promote democratic cyber citizenship.

  • An initiative by Opciónate with the support of the Cabildo.
  • It is focused in the design of a questionnaire in order to obtain a cybercitizenship passport.
  • It will address cybercrime and the impact of digital footprints.

Thirty students from Gran Canaria will participate until April in a project where they will become agents of democratic cyber citizenship, an initiative promoted by Opciónate (Improve your life, improve the world) with the support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Citizen Participation Unit aimed at promoting social and political engagement among young people with a focus on gender equality and rights.

‘Jóvenes poñr una ciberciudadanía democrática’ is aimed at students aged 16 to 18 from different schools in Gran Canaria and is structured into four sections that include experiential education for democratic cyber citizenship, a questionnaire of good and bad practices to obtain a cyber-citizenship passport, the participatory making of a video to raise awareness and a closing session where conclusions will be presented.

The training includes the analysis of digital citizenship, identification of inappropriate behaviour and hate crimes, review of the digital footprint and identity to assess its impact on their personal and professional life, encouragement of positive attitudes that contribute to the eradication of cybercrime and the coaching of young people to become agents in order to improve democratic participation in the online context.

In addition, the project includes the preparation of a questionnaire, the criteria of which will be defined by the participants with the support of the teaching staff and will serve as the basis to obtain a symbolic passport of digital citizenship.

Likewise, the messages, testimonies and other material prepared by its participants will culminate in the making of a video with a duration of approximately one minute to spread the values that are the foundation of the training and the work carried out.

Opciónate would like to stress the fact that digital citizenship involves understanding the human, cultural and social aspects involved in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), as well as appropriate behaviours in relation to that concept so as to conform to the principles of ethics, legality, safety and responsibility in the use of the Internet, social media platforms and other digital media.