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Organization Opciónate has launched a digital certificate accrediting responsible online citizenship which can be obtained by completing a questionnaire.

Over forty students and teachers have contributed to the design of the project and campaign, an initiative that also includes the making of a video and an online forum where new ideas can be shared.

Launched by Opciónate with the support of young students and teachers from Gran Canaria, the cyberpassport offers users the possibility of obtaining a digital certificate by completing an online questionnaire, an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of active and positive citizenship when using social media platforms and navigating the cyberspace in general.

Over forty students and teachers from schools of secondary education José Zerpa de Vecindario, Cipriano Acosta de Bañaderos and Francisco Hernández Monzón have been involved in this project, sponsored by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Citizen Participation Unit, whereby the island of Gran Canaria has received “digital embassy” status.

Users may access the online questionnaire at https://opcionate.com/ciberpasaporte_para_un_cibermundo_mejor/ (web design by Cúrcuma Estudio) and download the cyberpassport after obtaining the minimum score necessary to accredit their commitment to cybersecurity and respect for other users in the online world.

Additionally, the project involved the making of a video with contributions from teachers and students in the scripting and filming stages. Users may access the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZDe3XLgD3s, made possible thanks to the collaboration of Happy Producciones.

The audiovisuals recreates several scenes showing disrespectful attitudes and bad practices on social media platforms and concludes with a message proclaiming that citizens literally have in their hands the possibility of building spaces to coexist and improve society by adopting positive attitudes online.

Furthermore, the project invites users to upload and post content (Tik Toks, videos, slogans, posters…), suggestions, comments and proposals to the forum, given the ever growing importance of online communities in shaping the world we live in, and making the Internet a space everybody can navigate safely and confidently. 

As a matter of fact, the project has been a great example of dialogue and collaboration during the training and participatory sessions where different specialists interacted with groups of students and teachers. These meetings were attended by Ana Lidia Fernández-Layos, coordinator at Opciónate, a teacher specializing in participatory and experiential methodologies and expert in emotional intelligence, cyber-violence and gender equality; Nira Santana, artist, teacher and researcher, expert in the areas of art, gender and video games; and Armando Ojeda, professional in the field of online and offline communication and expert in online learning.

Opciónate is a Spanish non-governmental organization based in Gran Canaria formed by a multifaceted team of professionals specializing in gender with over 20-years’ experience working in projects at a regional, national and international level.

The scope of its services range from projects for institutions and businesses focused on promoting external social change or their internal organizational growth, socially engaged projects designed and managed either independently or in collaboration with other organizations, to personal development projects for individuals and small groups.

Promoting democratic cyber-citizenship, as well as taking action to prevent and fend off cyber-violence and cybercrime, in coordination with young people and teachers is one of its main lines of work.

Cyberpassport, cybercoexistence, cyber citizenship, cybercrime, cyberprotection, citizen participation, young people.