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How to participate

Thinking of teaming up with Opcionate?



If you are thinking of joining our team and show your commitment to personal, social and organizational development, adopting an approach that combines gender equality, emotional intelligence and Gestalt, follow the link to fill in the form and become a member:
Become a member (google.com)



If you are willing to work as a volunteer or intern and support the initiatives of Opciónate Better Life Better World, we’d love to meet you. Within the scope of our projects, committed men and women are needed from time to time.

We encourage you to contact us through the following form:
Volunteering /Internships (google.com).
Please attach your CV and give a brief description of your interests and the activities/actions you’d like to participate in. We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an in-person or online meeting in order to evaluate potential collaboration opportunities.


Your donations are a fast and effective way to support our efforts towards personal, social and organizational development. Also, donations are tax deductible for both individuals and businesses.


Account number: ES56 1491 0001 2830 0007 6252 (Triodos Bank)

Contact us: