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Institutionalisation of gender equality

This line of work is dedicated to advising and accompanying public and private institutions in the mainstreaming of the gender approach in each of their areas of action. This involves increasing and strengthening gender equality in the internal aspects of the organisation such as human resources, planning, monitoring and evaluation of budgets, and also in external aspects such as communication and work with other organisations.

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At Opciónate we support public and private institutions that need to update or develop plans, protocols, training, tools, among others, thus updating and acting in accordance with international treaties and conventions and laws and plans at European, national and regional level.

Based on a rights-based, intercultural and inclusive approach, we have provided training on gender perspective in different areas, such as customer service, dealing with the organisation’s workers and suppliers, budget planning, among others. In addition, we advise entities in the elaboration, monitoring and evaluation of Equality Plans and their respective Protocols against sexual harassment or discrimination based on sex in the workplace.

Main projects in the line of institutionalisation of gender equality

From January to March 2022, Opciónate has given training in equality to 152 bus drivers with the aim of publicising and reinforcing its 2nd Equality Plan.
The course is of a theoretical and practical nature, so throughout the sessions, theoretical elements, key questions, exercises and specific cases will be presented in order to apply the knowledge to professional practice.

Other lines of work