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Women’s leadership and visibility

A line of work that promotes women’s leadership and is committed to raising the profile of experts in different disciplines and making initiatives carried out by women visible.

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Women are under-represented not only as voters, but also in management positions, whether in elected office, in public administration, in the private sector or in the academic world. This reality contrasts with their undoubted capacity as agents of change and their right to equal participation in society. Women face two types of obstacles: on the one hand, structural barriers created by discriminatory laws and institutions that continue to limit the options they have to vote, exercise as representatives and spokespersons in political, associative and business spheres. On the other hand, skills gaps and external and internalised sexist stereotypes mean that, in practice, women are less likely than men to have the training, skills, contacts and resources necessary to access leadership positions and become effective leaders.

Opciónate understands leadership from the most intimate level, such as managing your life and decisions, to the most public level, exercising positions of great influence. Therefore, it promotes the empowerment of women through the promotion of emotional and social intelligence, identifying limiting beliefs and barriers, developing practical and emotional skills to overcome them and promoting the creation of a leadership style consistent with their needs and with the socio-economic and cultural realities.

In our organisation we understand that gender discrimination is part of a system that is affected by other factors such as origin, age, social class, religion, physical and intellectual capacity, among others. Therefore, our interventions are framed from a rights-based, intercultural approach and with attention to diversity, using an experiential and participatory methodology, which promotes emotional and strategic networks between them. We support and give visibility through communication in our social networks, through training aimed at women and through the design and dissemination of specific awareness-raising and participation campaigns.

Main projects of the women’s leadership and visibility line

The project aims to promote institutional change with the objective of eliminating any kind of direct or indirect gender discrimination, as well as consolidating the mainstreaming of equality policies in all areas of the city council.

This training process is structured into debate, individual and collective reflection, and coaching to educate on feminism and promote political and social engagement of women.

Other lines of work