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E-citizenship for gender equality

The Cyberpassport for Gender Equality Campaign was created with the aim of providing a space for reflection and action on equality between women and men and to eliminate existing sexism in Relationship, Information and Communication Technologies (RICTS).

We want to promote an online space free of machismo with participatory and experiential training, the development and dissemination of awareness-raising materials with young people in primary and secondary schools, teachers and families.

To this end, it is essential to prevent, detect and act against male chauvinist cyber-violence, to support the women and girls affected, as well as to make visible all the cyber-activisms that add up in the fight to achieve real and effective gender equality in the online world.

Participants in the Cyberpassport

The cyberpassport for equality campaign has been launched in 2021 and, to date, the following entities are participating. Below you can see the specific actions that will be carried out in each of the municipalities.

Get your citizenship for equality cyberpassport!

The aim of this form is to reflect on online violence, male chauvinist cyber-violence and cyber-activism for equality between women and men, to identify their positive and negative practices on the Internet and to consider how they can contribute to achieving a better cyber-world in which there is real equality for all men and women.
The maximum score is 10 points. If they achieve a minimum score of 6 points they can get their cyberpassport as cyberactivists for equality. 

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