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E-citizenship and digital ethics 

A line of work to promote online citizen participation based on a digital ethic that allows coexistence based on respect, fairness and good treatment.

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At Opciónate we are aware of the important role that the Internet and ICTs play in our lives and how they can influence our ways of thinking, communicating and participating socially and politically. Given this unstoppable development, it is essential to promote greater knowledge about the rights and responsibilities we have as cybercitizens and to raise awareness that in our hands is also the possibility of influencing and achieving changes that improve the online and offline society we inhabit.

We work from a rights-based, gender and intercultural approach through a participatory and experiential methodology based on service-learning (reflection-action-evaluation), where people become protagonists, fostering greater emotional and social intelligence. This allows us to identify and evaluate our own practices in the networks, contents and interrelationships in the online world and to define individual and collective proposals for improvement.

Main projects of the cybercitizenship line

To be, being and participating in the digital era

To be, being and participating in the digital era

Name: 'To be, being and participating in the digital era' Client: Directorate for Citizen Participation of the Department of the Presidency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Dates: May 2023 to April 2024 Services: Training and Materials Description: The project 'To be, being and participating in ...
Digital ethics and participatory e-citizenship

Digital ethics and participatory e-citizenship

The project 'Digital ethics and participatory cybercitizenship' is funded by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, specifically the Citizen Participation Unit of the Cabildo's Department of the Presidency through the call for subsidies for the promotion of citizen participation and the strengthening of associations aimed at foundations, associations, federations, confederations and non-profit organisations.

Other lines of work