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CyberRESISTANCE. Facing the third digital gender gap and cyber-violence in childhood: co-education, opportunities and resistance

Date of implementation: 2023-2026

Financia: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Knowledge Generation Projects 2022, through the University of Deusto.

Facing the third digital gender gap and cyber-violence in childhood: co-education, opportunities and resistance’ or, according to its acronym, ‘CyberRESISTANCE’, is a project developed by the University of Deusto funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities through the 2022 call for grants for Knowledge Generation Projects. The central axis of the project is the carrying out of a research that aims to study the analysis, diagnosis and prevention of the third gender digital gap and gender-based cyber-violence that are occurring in children, particularly between the ages of 6 and 12, in the Autonomous Communities of the Basque Country and the Canary Islands. This research is based on the premise that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, access to the virtual world has advanced, and with it access to sexist content, and that educational contexts have not had sufficient resources to deal with these realities.

The study is structured in three main phases: a first phase of research in which, through discussion groups with children aged 6 to 12, families and teachers, a diagnosis and analysis of the situation will be carried out; a second phase of Participatory Research-Action through educational agents (families and teachers) with which a strategy for intervention and prevention of these realities will be proposed; and a third phase which will consist of an awareness campaign, including a final meeting and participation in congresses and academic spaces, as well as the creation of teaching materials. This project will also make it possible to establish a comparative framework between the reality of the Basque Country and the Canary Islands, specifically the island of Gran Canaria. Opciónate will participate in all phases of the project, coordinating and implementing the research in Gran Canaria.

For its planning and implementation, ‘CyberRESISTANCE’ is based on an intersectional feminist perspective that will make visible the systems of oppression and power that also operate in the online world.
In short, it is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary project that will involve the participation of researchers from different areas of knowledge such as Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Advertising and Law, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain a multidimensional vision of the problem at a theoretical and academic level and, given its eminently practical nature, it will allow us to glimpse guidelines and concrete actions to achieve social transformation, especially among educational agents, as well as to place the conclusions of the project on the public agenda of both autonomous communities.