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We conduct participatory assessments of policies, plans and projects from a gender perspective, designing tools and indicators, promoting adaptations and defining new actions.
Main initiatives:
  • Participatory analysis of gender equality and drawing up of the Equality Plan of the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane (La Palma). Consultancy, research and participatory gender institutionalization, review and drawing up of plans and policies. 2021.
  • Participatory assessment of the impact of gender on the cultural policies and activities implemented by the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council. Fiscal year 2021. This assessment will be the basis for the formulation of indicators, mechanisms and measures aimed at mitigating and neutralizing potential detrimental effects already identified, thus contributing to real and effective equality between women and men. 2021.

  • Consultancy and participatory analysis “Consolidation of the mechanisms of the Care and Support Network for women victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV)”, implemented by Fundação Fé e Cooperação (FEC), within the framework of project “We take care of our lives, Women – Emancipation and rights of girls and women in Guinea-Bissau” implemented by Ong Mani Tese in partnership with FEC and Engim, and financed by the European Union. 2021.

  • Development and implementation of the ex-ante, mid-term and final monitoring and assessment system of processes and outcomes of project Free to Choose. Recognized by the European Commission as a good practice. Scope: Europe (Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia, Italy and Portugal). Financed by initiative Justice by the European Commission. 2019-2017.

  • Participatory analysis for the Canarian Association of Popular Universities (ACUP). Primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative participatory research project. Scope: Gran Canaria. Financed by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Citizen Participation Unit. 2018.

  • Analysis and meeting of professionals with responsibilities over housing resources for the protection of victims of gender violence in the Canary Islands. Primary and secondary participatory research project for the drawing up and review of plans and policies on equality and gender violence. Scope: Regional (Canary Islands). Financed by the Canary Islands Institute for Equality, Government of the Canary Islands. 2017.