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Participatory Diagnosis for the Canarian Association of People’s Universities (ACUP).

Client: Canarian Association of Popular Universities (ACUP)

Dates: 2018

Field: Awareness-raising, Political advocacy

Service: Research, Evaluation


At the request of the Asociación Canaria de Universidades Populares (ACUP) and sponsored by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Opciónate led the implementation of a participatory identification effort for the people’s universities in Gran Canaria to gain understanding of the main qualities, challenges, opinions and proposals of its staff and users.

The coordination staff participated in the qualitative and quantitative analysis conducted by Opciónate with the active participation of students and instructors from four people’s universities: Gáldar, San Bartolomé, Arucas and Agüimes. Over 600 people took an active role in the analysis process, sharing their experiences, daily routines and practical actions as well as their experiences at the Volkshochschulen. The methodology included 5 focus groups dynamics and the sending and collection of around 500 questionnaires.

The outcome of this effort was Diagnostic Report sponsored by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Citizen Participation Unit which was presented in December 2018 at a public event at Club Victoria.

Link: https://www.upcanarias.com/seccion/proyecto-participativo/

Keywords: participatory research, adult education centres, citizen participation