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2017 Report on the state of gender violence in the Canary Islands

Client: Canary Islands Institute of Equality

Dates: 2018

Scope: Institutions

Service: Research


Opciónate was responsible for the drawing up of the 2017 Report on gender violence in the Canary Islands aimed at providing the Canary Islands Parliament an of the Canary Islands with factual information about this issue, including data on the number of women and minors who have received assistance from care services for victims of violence, as well as statistics on related legal procedures in the Canary Islands.

Link: https://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/cmsgobcan/export/sites/icigualdad/_galerias/ici_documentos/documentacion/Informe-ano-2017-del-ICI-al-Parlamento-de-Canarias-La-incidencia-de-la-violencia-de-genero-en-Canarias.pdf

Keywords: GBV, gender-based violence, report, parliament