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We work towards inclusive social development, putting people and their needs first, in order to bring progress and improve personal and social living conditions.
Main initiatives: 
  • Young people for a Democratic Cyber citizenship. Promotion of digital citizenship and social engagement of the local young population online. Reflection on different aspects of democratic cyber citizenship and their own online practices and forms of social participation on the Internet.
  • LiderAOnline training and coaching for the empowerment and social participation of young women. Aimed at women aged between 18 and 35 years living in Gran Canaria and interested in developing their personal skills from a feminist point of view. Scope: Gran Canaria. Financed by the Department of Equality, Diversity and Transparency, Service of Equality and Gender Violence, Cabildo de Gran Canaria. 2021 – 2020.
  • Free to Choose. Freedom to Choose. Project in partnership with NGOs with the main purpose of raising awareness among the young European population about gender diversity and the importance of cultural and behavioural transformation to help them choose a professional career without being conditioned by gender stereotypes. Scope: Europe (Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia, Italy and Portugal). Financed by initiative Justice by the European Commission. 2019-2017.