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Analysis of housing resources for the protection of victims of gender violence in the Canary Islands.

Client: Canary Islands Institute for Equality

Dates: 2017

Scope: Institutions

Service: Consultancy, Research and Evaluation.


In 2017, Opciónate conducted an analysis and hosted a meeting with social housing staff in the Canary Islands working with victims of gender violence with financing from the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. This effort consisted of two different stages.

First, once the tools for information gathering had been put together and advanced booking had been made, we visited the different housing resources for women victims of gender-based violence, meeting and interviewing the professionals responsible for the assistance services. We identified the strengths and weaknesses of the relevant services, gathered their governing regulations, protection protocols and coexistence rules, as well as local and regional directives under which these services operate.

After systematizing all the available information, a get-together was arranged with professionals from this field operating in the archipelago. The relevant documents were then sent back in order to initiate the review and discussion stage which gave rise to the final report.

Link: https://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/icigualdad/informacion_servicios/servicios_recursos_igualdad/atencion_violencia_genero/

Key words: participatory research, gender-based violence resources, protocols, equity.