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Clara Program: Training in Keys and skills for a quality customer service.

Client: Spanish Institute of Women for Equal Opportunities and Tragcsa

Dates: 2017

Scope: Institutions and Businesses

Service: Training


The Institute of Women for Equal Opportunities of the Spanish Government sought the collaboration of Opciónate to put together practical training sessions for women: ‘Key aspects and skills for quality customer service’ programmed 60 hours of specific training at the Pepe Dámaso Centre, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which was coordinated by company Tragcsa.

The theoretical-practical and participatory training is one of the components of the Clara Programme by the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare aimed at providing a better quality of life among women in vulnerable situations through personal empowerment and a better qualification for employment. In addition to in-person sessions, participants received a manual with the key contents of the course, with additional information on the basic concepts of customer service, different contexts, types of clientele, expectations and staff/customer need, while also improving their practical and emotional professional skills towards quality customer service.

Link: https://www.inmujer.gob.es/areasTematicas/AreaProgInsercionSociolaboral/Clara.htm

Keywords: gender, empowerment, female leadership, employment, glass ceiling, employment skills.