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Photo project LiderA+ by Opcionate

Client: Department of Social Policy, Accessibility, Equality and Diversity of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria

Date of implementation: April to December 2023

Services: Training, Consultancy, Materials



From April to December 2023, Opciónate will carry out the LiderA+ training project, aimed at 20 women aged 18 and over, with the aim of promoting the participation and personal, political and social leadership of women, both in the public and private spheres, through dialogue and individual and collective reflection.

This process will also include a meeting with the participation of at least 5 women who are leaders in different fields of interest such as culture, education, economics, politics, etc., who will give a brief presentation of their leadership processes, sharing space, experiences and proposals with the project participants.

Lidera+ will be a theoretical-practical training of an experiential and therapeutic nature, with an approach based on emotional and social intelligence, as well as Gestalt, all under an intersectional, intercultural and feminist approach, with attention to diversity. It will have a blended format, distributing the 20 hours of training in face-to-face group sessions, as well as in individual online or face-to-face tutorials, depending on the case.

During the process, the learning and inspirational reflections of each of the participants and the leaders invited to the meeting will be collected and, together, creative materials will be produced that include key messages that can boost the leadership of other women.

The Lidera+ project is funded by the Department of Social Policy, Accessibility, Equality and Diversity of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, and is part of the specific Opciónate line on leadership and visibility of women. This thematic line seeks to break down structural barriers and biased imaginaries that limit women, promoting the creation of emotional and strategic networks among them, as well as boosting their leadership, taking into account the diverse realities and needs they face.

If you are interested, you can now register through the form available at: