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The production is part of the LiderA project by Opciónate with the support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Office for Equality.

The video is loaded with symbols such as a heavy backpack full of sexist prejudices and glass ceilings, and covers multiple realities throughout its three-minute duration. 

A comic-book inspired short film produced in Gran Canaria encourages women to find their own path to lead their lives and change the world, always from a feminist perspective, to stand up to those who try to undermine the progress made in the area of gender equality in the family, social, political and educational spheres.

The audiovisual production is part of training project LiderA by Opciónate (Improve your life and lead the world) for the empowerment and social engagement of women with the support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Office for Equality that has integrated a training program in personal skills, with contents including feminism, self-reflection, personal knowledge and social transformation and the meeting and exchange of ideas with inspiring leading women in different areas in Gran Canaria.

The video produced by Opciónate together with Happy Producciones is already available at https://youtu.be/tdnikh3Kpoc and features a girl who participated in of the training program. Her character faces the challenges, fears and contradictions that women have had and have to deal with in finding their own leadership role model, but also the convictions, examples from past times and sisterhood. This material has been created and developed with the active participation of several students and inspiring leading women. Teacher Koldobi Velasco, Ana Lidia Fernández-Layos and other members of the Opciónate team have also participated in the scripting and filming stages.