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The production is part of the ‘Cruzando Redes’ [Crossing networks] project from Valsequillo with the support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Office for Equality.

The video, produced by Opciónate, features six women residents in the municipality, together with one actress and one actor in the role of executive officers.

The short film with the participation of six women from Valsequillo brings to the forefront the marginalization that many women suffer in the workplace for the mere fact of being women and invites society as a whole to break prejudices and bet on talent regardless of gender.

This audiovisual piece is part of the ‘Cruzando Redes’ project by the Valsequillo City Council with the support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Office for Equality. In this context, Opciónate (Improve your life and improve the world) has been commissioned to develop different actions to reinforce gender mainstreaming in all municipal areas, and conduct several workshops for fifteen women in the municipality in order to increase their employment opportunities.

The video, produced by Opciónate with the active participation of the Local Office and technical staff of the Valsequillo City Council equality area in collaboration with Happy Producciones, is available at https://youtu.be/_LNhNuihyWg and features a group of women from the municipality who had previously participated in workshops of empowerment and labour market integration, along with actress Hermi Orihuela and actor Tony Báez, who both play the roles of executive offices in charge of the selection of personnel for a company. 

The first section depicts the usual reasons many companies claim for not hiring women, then highlights the importance of embracing a mind-set that promotes equal opportunities so that society can benefit from the professional and personal value in people like María, Eduvigis, Gema, Asunción, Henan or Zoraida, as well as other professionals from Valsequillo who put an end to the production.

‘Cruzando redes’ is part of the II Plan de Igualdad de Oportunidades de Valsequillo “Apostando por la igualdad en el municipio (2019-2023) [Valsequillo II Equal Opportunities Plan ‘Betting on equality in the municipality (2019-2023)’] which is presented as a transformation tool of the reality of the municipality towards the actual enjoyment of human rights.

In this regard, Opciónate has delivered training in personal and professional development, gender and employability to women of Valsequillo, and in gender perspective and cross-cutting approaches to the municipal governing group, technical staff of the municipality of Valsequillo and social agents of the municipality to promote an institutional environment focused on gender equality and make sure it permeates all areas and groups.