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The Vice-Ministry for Equality and Diversity of the Government of the Canary Islands, within the framework of the Canarian Strategy for Equal Transition, has promoted the III Training Days for the International Human Rights Day in the Canary Islands: ‘Breaking down borders, adding Equality in sport’. Opciónate was in charge of the technical coordination of the event at the request of the Vice-Ministry.
The first conference, held on Friday 16 December, took place in the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and the second, on Saturday 17 December, was held in the Assembly Hall of the Claret School in Tamaraceite, home of the Gran Canaria Basketball Sports Club, in the morning.

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, the aim of the conference was the universal right to enjoy sport under equal conditions.

Friday’s day began with a welcome speech by the Vice-Counsellor Sylvia Jaén and the representation of the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. After her speech, Víctor Rivero and Daniel Hernández, coach and player of the i+i team of the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, made up of people with intellectual disabilities, gave a talk. Then it was the turn of the representatives of the Interinsular Football Federation, the Canarian Athletics Federation and the Canarian Fencing Federation to present their experiences in a round table moderated by Martu Mojica López.

Andrea Menéndez Faya, journalist and communicator specialising in women’s football, was in charge of the closing session on the 16th. She spoke about the handling of information in the media about women’s sport and, in particular, professional women’s football teams.

On Saturday morning, the campaign “Against noise, for a sport based on equality” was presented by the Vice-Minister of Equality and Diversity of the Regional Government, Sylvia Jaén. The conference then continued with important presentations by Rosi Sánchez Luján, senior basketball coach and former first division player, Elena Cotarelo, foster mother of a migrant child who denounces the administrative obstacles for the minor to be able to play federated football, Valentina Berr, former footballer and Cristofer Benítez, gymnast.

The conference was recorded in the form of videos of the presentations, as well as interviews with each of the speakers.

All the contents are now available for consultation at the following link: