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A round table discussed future scenarios for women in the tourism industry

Brazilian movement Labor Movens hosted a webinar on critical women’s work prospects in the tourism industry with the participation of Opciónate collaborator and gender, tourism and development expert Daniela Moreno Alarcón, who contributed her vision in the framework of the round table on gender inequality in the Covid-19 era in relation to the tourism labour markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Moreno Alarcón put the spotlight on how Covid-19 has impacted gender. She was part of an outstanding group of professionals specialized in the subject from different Brazilian universities and the AlbaSud Spanish Organization for Investigation and Communication for Development.

Additionally, another round table discussed physical and mental illnesses impacting workforces of companies linked to the tourism industry and their special occurrence among women.

More information at: http://www.albasud.org/noticia/1231/seminario-virtual-perspectivas-cr-ticas-sobre-el-trabajo-tur-stico