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The Opciónate collaborator takes part in the online forum together with 70 experts.

More than 70 experts, including Opciónate collaborator Daniela Moreno Alarcón, will take part between September 28 and October 15 in the l Online Meeting of Latin American Community-based Tourism, a forum where the importance of gender analysis in the development of community-based tourism will be discussed, as well as the challenges posed by COVID-19 in the context of Latin America.

This meeting results from a movement that advocates for a space of integration to collectively deal with the uncertainty in the reactivation and opening of the tourism industry towards the “new normality”. In short, it is a new learning space to enable community growth that invites participants to share, connect, find inspiration in the experiences of others and look for common solutions.

Daniela Alarcón’s lecture is scheduled for October 5th within this innovative format designed to collaborate and share ways to create participatory networks. In addition, the aim is to provide tools that can be used to address the current crisis scenario in community-based tourism, at the same time providing answers about new opportunities, Covid-19 prevention protocols or the exchange of methodologies, tools and business strategies that can help revitalize business activity in the community-based tourism sector.

The program includes master classes, participatory workshops, experiences and cases, round tables and business rounds. Undoubtedly an enriching programme with an array of professionals and a clear objective: to increase the visibility of community-based tourism by creating business opportunities and collectively defining strategies to reactivate community-based entrepreneurship.

More information at: https://congreso.komutravel.com/es/turismocomunitario/Ponentes