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The Councillor for Equality and Diversity, Isabel Mena, announced to the citizens of Gran Canaria the launch of SIPACM, a resource coordinated by Opciónate.

The Councillor for Equality and Diversity of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Isabel Mena, presented on Wednesday 27 September the Island Service for the Prevention and Attention to Gender-based Cyber-violence (SIPACM, for its acronym in Spanish), a resource coordinated by the Opciónate Association, which, she stressed, “aims to respond to the gender-based violence that takes place in the online space and affects teenagers, adult women and their children residing on the island of Gran Canaria”.

“Today we are taking another step, a very important one, in the fight against gender-based violence in general and cyber-violence in particular, making available to all women and girls who suffer violence on social networks and other types of digital environments, tools as important as face-to-face assistance, telephone assistance, assistance via the web, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp. Often victims do not know who to turn to or what to do in this type of case, which is why we make all these means available to them, so that they can receive help and advice in the simplest, most direct and quickest way possible”, stressed Mena.

At the presentation, the councillor was accompanied by Ana Lidia Fernández-Layos, General Manager of Opciónate, the organisation responsible for the Island Service for the Prevention of and Attention to Gender-Based Violence, who emphasised that “the service is being launched to the general public to attend to victims through the channels provided: face-to-face attention, by telephone or by instant messaging apps so that the advice of our psychological, legal and digital protection support team reaches the greatest number of women, girls and even families who do not know how to act when they suffer an aggression of this type on the networks. Our aim is to give them all the help they need, for as long as they need it”. Dissemination and awareness-raising are other pillars of the service.


Anyone in Gran Canaria who needs help or advice on cyber violence against women and girls can call or send a Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal to 680.17.83.18, for more information you can visit the website www.serviciociberviolenciamachista.opcionate.com