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It has organised a dozen training and participatory meetings from September to December.
The Northern Town Council’s initiative is part of the ‘Infinite Guide’ project in the context of the island’s Strategic Framework for Equality.

Guía, 15 September 2022. The Department of Equality of the Town Council of Santa María de Guía de Gran Canaria, led by Isabel Rodríguez, has organised a dozen training and participatory meetings aimed at carers, mainly women from all over Gran Canaria, divided into three modules: ‘Female leadership’, ‘Health and self-care’ and ‘Training space on equality, co-responsibility and co-education’.

 The initiative includes meetings on Thursdays from September to November, with a final meeting in December. This proposal is part of the project ‘Guía Infinita: Conciliation for leadership’, launched by the Department of Equality of the Town Council of Santa María de Guía with the support of the Department of Equality of the Cabildo in the context of its Strategic Framework for Equality Gran Canaria Infinita.

 The twelve sessions, which will follow on from those held between March and June, will be participative and experiential in nature and will be given by Raquel Morales and Ana Lidia Fernández from the association Opciónate and by the professional counsellor Raúl Henríq at the Centro Polivalente Municipal Casa Margarita, in Calle Doctor Chil 10, Becerril. Registrations can be formalised now by emailing igualdad@santamariadeguia.es, or by clicking on the following link to the registration form https://forms.gle/YHnyv1oxwxMNHk9G8.

 The first appointment will be this Thursday 15th September with workshops on ‘Feminine Leadership’ which will be given by the specialist Raúl Henríq with the first workshop entitled ‘What to be the rest of our days’. It will continue on 29 September with the workshop ‘The most important thing for you now’, on 13 October ‘You are unique and unrepeatable’, on 27 October ‘Intelligent and emotional leadership’, on 10 November ‘Leading conflictive situations’, and ends on 24 November with the workshop ‘Inspire other people’. 

 The workshops on ‘Health and self-care for carers’, facilitated by Opciónate, will be held on 22 September under the title ‘Take care of your health’, 6 October ‘Take care of yourself in your relationships’ and 3 November ‘Caring is not the task of just one person’, focusing on health care, relationships and the importance of the collective vision of care.

 As for the ‘Training space on equality, co-responsibility and co-education’, also given by Opciónate, it will take place exceptionally on Tuesday 20th September under the title ‘Co-education, equity and proposals for work-life balance and conciliation’, followed on Thursday 20th October by ‘Do you study or work? Do you reconcile? Legislation, models, resources and support for work-life balance’. This space will close on the 17th of November with the workshop ‘Alternatives, strategies and changes with yourself, with your partner, with young people and children, in the family and work environment’.

 The aim of these meetings is to reflect individually and collectively on care, co-responsibility in personal, family and professional life, gender roles, co-education and female leadership in order to identify current difficulties and challenges and to define new models of greater balance in the planning, development and assessment of the necessary tasks in the different areas.

 To this end, theoretical and practical exercises will be carried out, as well as an analysis of personal, family and work team organisation, current needs and customs, and proposals for improvement.

 These new sessions will complete an overview following the workshops that took place from March to June, which dealt with aspects such as the essential tasks for sustaining socio-economic, personal and family life, as well as roles, tasks and co-responsibilities from the perspective of gender and age, and daily organisation and personal, social, work and family priorities.

 This is a central line within the ‘Guía Infinita’ project, which tackles two different but interdependent themes that affect the development of women in their professional, family and social lives: on the one hand, leadership and, on the other, self-care, conciliation and co-responsibility.