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The project will be carried out over the next 7 months, with the support of the Department of Equality of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria. The initiative will include the testimonies of women from Gran Canaria regarding the different forms of cyber-violence against women and their assessment of the main existing support resources.

Opciónate will carry out the research “Gender-based cyber-violence: an analysis of the current reality in Gran Canaria”, which is part of the 2019 National Cybersecurity Strategy approved by the National Security Council to contribute to the development of the State Pact against Gender Violence.

The aim is to obtain specific data on the main resources, institutions, lines of prevention and action, needs, cases and consequences of gender-based cyber-violence and will contribute to tackling the structural violence suffered by women in our society through networks.

A large part of gender violence currently takes place on the Internet, which is why it is essential to know its typologies, to measure its scope and the impact it has on those who suffer it. According to the results of the study published in 2021 by the Ministry of Equality on the situation of violence against women in adolescence, one of the forms of violence that most affects them is online sexual harassment, 48% of which is related to showing or asking for sexual photographs.

In order to make progress in the fight against cyber-violence, it is necessary to know how much and the different ways in which women in Gran Canaria are affected by cyber-harassment, cyber-stalking, non-consensual pornography, non-consensual sexual acts recorded digitally and potentially shared, exploitation, coercion and threats (“sextortion”), unwanted sexualisation and cyber-dating abuse (CDA), among others. In addition, it is essential to know the existing prevention and support resources for tackling male cyber-violence and the assessment and proposals of the women affected.

The project responds to the strategic plan of the Department of Equality of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, which includes as its main objectives the empowerment of women in situations of gender violence, the treatment of gender violence as a social problem, improving information on the reporting process and available resources, generating knowledge about the reality of women in situations of gender violence in Gran Canaria and generating knowledge, awareness and visibility of sexual violence (sexual cyber-violence in this case).

The research will be carried out through documentary analysis of the resources and in a participatory and experiential way through a focus group, questionnaires, and interviews with a total of at least 100 women and key professionals working in the prevention and attenttion of gender-based cyber-violence cases in Gran Canaria.

This study is currently in its second phase. You can actively participate by answering to the cuestionairy here.