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The Department of Social Welfare, Solidarity and Equality of the Town Council of La Aldea de San Nicolás, directed by Yazmina Llarena, has enabled the interactive webpage for the ‘Mujer tú tú ser’ campaign, encouraging the population to use this platform, so they can publicly acknowledge women and girls from the municipality, recognizing their personal qualities and the social and economic value of their work through employment and care.

The dynamic web has a very careful design and allows you to upload photos and texts to describe the biography and values ​​of women who will serve as inspiration, upholding the equality in the municipality.

The section ‘Like a girl’ emphasizes that girls are capable to carry out any activity and profession, and it will also allow the school community to share stories about the girls they admire. The ‘Quiz’ section invites you to complete a curious questionnaire to measure knowledge about care and the time it takes to perform different tasks.

The website https://mujerteniasqueserlaaldea.com/  as well as the campaign of which it is a part, are framed in the municipal project ‘La Aldea Infinita’, within the III Equality Plan of the City Council, financed by the Council of Equality of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, and its execution has been entrusted to Opciónate Association.

The first stories of admirable women from La Aldea are already available on the web, as is the case with the fascinating life examples of Lili, Yazmina, María or Carmen.

The part called ‘Like a girl’ reveals the drawings of the boys and girls who are participating in the campaign. In each creation they show a girl or woman from La Aldea which they admire and their reasons why. To do this, they just have to download a template, make the drawing and then photograph or scan it to host it on the web.

One of the objectives of the section ‘Like a girl’ is to eradicate the sexist stereotypes that state that being a girl or doing things like a girl implies something negative. In this way, the City Council promotes that the girls living in La Aldea can choose their professions taking into account their preferences and needs, without being affected by existing gender stereotypes.

The ‘Quiz’ includes questions about the number of hours spent preparing meals in the first 14 years of a person’s life or about the volume of diapers changed over two years, among other issues to raise awareness and reflection on the importance of care and domestic work.

In this way, the City Council of La Aldea continues to promote policies aimed at achieving those goals that lead to promote an institutional change aimed at structural equality, says the Councilor for Social Welfare, Solidarity and Equality, Yazmina Llarena

The goal is to consolidate the transversality of equality policies in all areas of the City Council and at all levels of municipal structure, as well as in the relationship of the local entity with the rest of the agents that intervene in its territory, both public and private.

Mujer tenías que Ser