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Opciónate will host a practical-technical training course on “Gender budgeting” for public workers in the areas of finances and design and implementation of programmes and policies of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. The course will provide guidance on how gender issues have an impact on the municipal budget, both in its operational and financial categorization.

This training will allow the institution’s employees to learn the basic conceptual framework, regulations, methodologies and tools required for an integrated a gender perspective in local public budgets, how to prepare annual reports as well as assessment reports on gender impact, and ways to reformulate budgetary expenditure programmes so that they have a positive effect on gender.

This means the Cabildo will be in compliance with the “2021 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council General Budget Regulations”, made available to all municipal departments by the General Coordinator of Finances and Revenue, and which for the first time required the presentation of an annex to the annual report detailing the horizontal objectives aimed at establishing priorities regarding Gender Policies. In relation to the 2022 budget, it is expected that such requirement be extended to other spending policies and budgetary programmes.

This training will be delivered throughout six days by Economist Paqui Jiménez Martín, expert in the design and assessment of public policies on gender equality and budgeting, who has a wide experience of over 20 years in the Madrid City Council working in the design and assessment of public policies on gender equality, as well as in the actual implementation of this approach and the evaluation of the effect of gender on the municipal budget.

Budgets with a gender perspective, Institutionalization of gender, Equality Diagnoses, city councils, gender impact reports.