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Once again this year, The Municipal Libraries of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria set the stage for citizens of all ages to enter a world of creativity at Las Canteras seafront. A place for families to share, enjoy, learn and experience unforgettable moments while supporting local authoresses and the elimination of gender stereotypes. To this purpose, this year’s edition saw the collaboration of Opciónate at the 2021 “A Wave of Letters” Summer Library.

Opcionate has participated in the summer library “A Wave of Letters” coordinated by the Municipal Libraries of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the workshop “Where are the words” to promote the work of female artists from the Canary Islands such as the poet and novelist Cecilia Domínguez Luis from Tenerife.

Opciónate revitalized a  meeting space, where all family members are welcomed, encouraging interaction between participants of all ages and inviting girls and boys to discover their creative ability and the potential of language to develop those skills.

Poetry and language are endless worlds where all of us are invited. Unexpected combinations of words, metaphors, the multiplicity of significations a sentence is able to carry depending on the listener, and the joy of collective creation of meaning that gives us a different perception of the common ground we all unconsciously share.

Very special moments were shared under the summer tent: music, stories, origami, theater; innovative and creative proposals that continue to attract bigger, more diverse crowds every year to this summer event at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.