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Opciónate held a meeting with the Acuigranca Association

Opciónate held a meeting with the Gran Canaria Caregivers Association (Acuigranca) to identify potential lines of work and collaboration. As a result, in relation to the 2020 call for participatory budgets by the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council, Opciónate submitted an application to receive technical assistance in support of Acuigranca.

Opciónate’s proposal aims to improve their ability to collaborate and associate, to make themselves known among other caregivers who want to join the Association and, ultimately, to create a space for emotional support that allows them to better manage stress, time, personal relationships, daily negotiations and the resolution of internal and external daily conflicts.

The meeting and new partnership established by Opciónate is part of its firm commitment to join forces as necessary to strengthen the role of women in society, in this case in the context of Gran Canaria in collaboration with another organization sharing the same interests, objectives and aspirations. In these cases, joined efforts make the best formula for success.