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 The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria remains committed to raising awareness about cyber violence among young people in the capital of Gran Canaria.


  • The Equality Area of ​​the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria once again chooses the Opciónate organization to continue the training and awareness program on sexist cyber violence to young people from twenty-two educational centers in the island capital. The main aim of this program is to continue with the necessary training the youngsters can identify the different types of violence on the Internet, know the legislation, analyze their own behaviors and know how to act if they face a case.

    The sessions with the students wil include the definitions of sexist cyber violence  with

    examples of malpractices and cybercrimes, in addition to addressing the legislative framework,

    data on its impact in the Canary Islands, Spain and the world and the self-analysis of their

    practices in the digital universe.

    In addition, the contents will approach the prevention and detection of sexist cyber violences  in social networks, video games and other formats, as well as options to face

    them. Besides, interesting initiatives of good practices Will be presented as well as the invitation to

    the groups to present their proposals to work  in the classroom.