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‘Be, being and participating in the digital era’ will start in four schools in Gran Canaria as part of the subject ‘Ethical and civic values’.

The promotion of ethical and participatory cybercitizenship will enter the secondary education classrooms of four schools in Gran Canaria through the project ‘Being, being and participating in the digital age’, an initiative that will be based on training actions and advice for students and teachers.
The project will work during the 2023-2024 academic year with four first-year groups, one per school, within the framework of the subject ‘Ethical and civic values’ to highlight aspects closely linked to ethics and citizenship in digital environments.
In addition, Opciónate, the organisation behind the project, will produce, in coordination with teachers and students, a final publication whose aim is to become a reference guide for the approach to the subject of ‘Ethical and civic values’ at an island and regional level, taking into account the digital reality that is currently key in the daily lives of the youngest members of society.
The publication will include theoretical foundations, practical exercises and information on learning and experiences, including proposals for improving the immediate and global environment.
Be, being and participate in the digital era’ is an initiative of the organisation Opciónate, funded by the Citizen Participation Unit of the Department of the Presidency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, through the call for subsidies for the promotion of citizen participation and the strengthening of associations aimed at foundations, associations, federations, confederations and non-profit organisations.
Likewise, Opciónate will disseminate through the web and social networks all the actions and contents developed from the project to promote greater knowledge about responsible cybercitizenship, as well as the acquisition of tools to put it into practice through Relationship, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
In addition, the digital space offers a wide range of opportunities for the participation of young people and the project ‘Being, being and participating in the digital age’ is an opportunity for students in the first year of secondary school to approach the digital age from the perspective of care, rights, responsibility and social participation.