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Training and leisure to make Canarian artists visible in the Summer Library of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council.

Client: Municipal Libraries.

Dates: From July to September 2021

Scope: Culture.

Services: Training, Participation, Culture.


Development of a training and leisure program related to Gender equality in the field of artistic creation.

Municipal Libraries has wanted to offer the citizens of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and their visitors in the space “Wave of letters” a wide variety of workshops and spaces in this fourth edition of the Summer Library as well as promote the visibility of the Canarian artists and the elimination of gender stereotypes.

Opciónate has participated together with others and other professionals and entities with a varied program of collective creation workshops inspired by the musical and literary work of Canarian creators. The proposal also seeks to give visibility and importance to these creators, the reflection of the participants on social conditioning and gender stereotypes. It has been sought that these objectives could be fulfilled in a context of group play in which everyone could feel protagonists and collaborators at the same time. Almost all the proposals have been focused on family participation and designed so that attendees could enjoy and learn regardless of age while at the same time raising the profile of Canarian women creators, eliminating sexist stereotypes, and promoting greater gender equality.

Opciónate has wanted to meet the objectives that Municipal Libraries had set for this new edition of The Summer Library “Ola de Letras”, among others, expand participation to mothers, fathers and people of all ages who could enjoy both the physical space as in the workshops, to become storytellers and protagonists together with the little ones.

Opciónate has prepared its proposal thinking therefore of including the whole family and encouraging interaction between all the participants. It has also considered important that girls and boys can discover the great creative capacity they have and the great potential that language has to develop it. Poetry and language are infinite worlds where we all participate. Combining words that normally do not appear together, creating metaphors and discovering the variety of meanings that a phrase can have depending on who listens to it and being able to enjoy the joint creation of meaning provides another vision of that common territory that we all share sometimes without having awareness of it.

Making female creators from the Canary Islands visible is one of the objectives of the III Plan for equality between women and men in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2018-2021: to encourage cultural and artistic activity that promotes a non-sexist vision of society and to encourage the participation of women and men in it.