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Municipalities for Equality – SG CITY 50-50 Standard.

Client:  Coop4equality, municipal entities.

Dates: From 2019.

Scope: Institutions. Social projects.

Services: Consulting, Research.


Developed by ForgenderSeal, the SG CITY 50-50 Standard contemplates municipal competencies, national legal frameworks and international mandates and treaties in the areas of human rights relative to women, human growth, cities and climate change.

It consists in an accreditation process whereby the municipality can obtain the certification, which incorporates a management system for municipalities to use towards integrating a gender approach to policies and actions adopted by local administrations.

Opciónate has been designated by the ForGenderSeal Association as the assessing organization to evaluate processes whereby municipalities become key players with a political and strategic commitment to effective equality between women and men by constantly working towards gender equality

Link: http://www.forgenderseal.org/index_es.php