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Cyberequality in Valsequillo

Vista del municipio de La Aldea de San Nicolás

Opciónate implements the training service of the “Desconectando” Project, directed and coordinated by the Department of Equality of the Town Council of Valsequillo de Gran Canaria.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of existing gender inequalities in the digital world and, in turn, to minimise situations of gender-based cyber-violence by raising awareness and identifying good practices in the use of social networks.

The educational activities will be organised and take place between May and December 2022 and will be aimed at the 6th grade students of the 5 schools of Valsequillo; the 1st year ESO students of the IES of Valsequillo; the families of the students of the primary schools and the families of the secondary school; the teachers of the primary schools and the teachers of the secondary school.

Opciónate will also be in charge of carrying out a campaign to raise awareness and disseminate all the actions and contents developed by the “Desconectando” project, making the problem of gender-based cyber-violence visible.

The training service for the “Desconectando” Project of the Department of Equality of the Town Council of Valsequillo de Gran Canaria, is part of the specific line that Opciónate has been developing with the aim of making children, families and teachers aware of their rights and duties in the digital environment, the improvement of cyber-equality and the prevention, detection and reduction of cyber-bullying and cyber-violence.