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Cyberpassport Campaign for Equality in Guía

Vista del municipio de La Aldea de San Nicolás

The project “Cyberpassport Campaign for Equality in Guía” is funded by the City Council of Guía and is part of the “Project for the development of the State Pact against Gender Violence” of the Department of Equality Policies. The project is aimed at students and teachers in the third and fourth years of ESO in three secondary schools in Guía. The project started in April 2022.

“Cyberpassport for Equality Campaign in Guía” consists of a theoretical, practical, participative and face-to-face programme in which we address digital citizenship; self-analysis of my practices and experiences as a cyber user; cybersecurity, risks and bad practices on the internet; prevention, detection and action in the face of sexist cyber-violence on social networks, video games… and good practices for cyberactivism in favour of equality.

An awareness-raising video on cyber-equality will be made with the participation of the students, in addition to the materials they will produce in class: posters, videos, tik toks…etc.

The “Cyberpassport for Equality Campaign in Guía” is part of the specific line that Opciónate has been developing to eliminate discrimination against women and girls in the online environment and to promote good practices, healthy relationships and positive coexistence for all.

To watch the video made with the students as well as the materials they produce, you can access through the following link: https://opcionate.com/es/ciberpasaporte-por-la-igualdad/