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Canary Islands Government Guide to Cyber-equality

Vista del municipio de La Aldea de San Nicolás

The project “Ciberigualdad. A tool to combat male chauvinist cyber-violence in TRICS and video games” has been promoted and edited by the Equality Programme and EAS Educational Innovation Service of the Directorate General for Planning, Innovation and Quality (Department of Education of the Canary Islands Government). Nira Santana Rodríguez from the organisation Ultravioleta is the director and author of the project together with co-author Ana Lydia Fernández Layos from the organisation Opciónate.

The project is aimed at teachers with the objective of identifying, preventing and addressing gender-based cyber-violence in TRICS and video games. More specifically, digital gender-based violence through instant messaging chats and social networks, as well as gender-based harassment in online multiplayer video games.

The project consists of the guide “Ciberigualdad. A tool to combat gender-based cyber-violence in TRICS and video games”; 20 awareness-raising gifs and a video on the subject. It also includes a 10-hour training course for teachers.

“Cyberequality. A tool to combat sexist cyber-violence in TRICS and video games” is part of the specific line that Opcionate has been developing to eliminate discrimination against women and girls in the online environment and promote good practices, healthy relationships and positive coexistence for everyone.

Guía Ciberigualdad