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Prevention of cyber-violence and cyber-activism in educational centres in Firgas

Vista del municipio de La Aldea de San Nicolás

The project “Training for prevention and cyber-activism against male chauvinist cyber-violence” is funded by Firgas Town Council and is part of the “Project for the development of the State Pact against Gender Violence” of the Department of Equality Policies. The project is aimed at students in the 2nd year of ESO at IES Villa de Firgas.

“Training for prevention and cyber-activism against male chauvinist cyber-violence” consists of a classroom-based training programme in which we address existing male chauvinist inequalities in the digital world. The aim of this project is to raise awareness and educate young people about gender-based cyber-violence, so that we can prevent, detect and confront it individually and collectively, while promoting cyber-activism with a gender focus.

The project includes the creation of a digital guide for families on gender-based cyber-violence and how to prevent and act against it, which will be shared with teachers and interested people via email, as well as through social networks with the aim of informing families about detecting or acting against gender-based cyber-violence.

“Training for prevention and cyber-activism against gender-based cyber-violence” is included in the specific line of work that Opcionate has been developing to eliminate discrimination against women and girls in the online environment and to promote good practices, healthy relationships and positive coexistence for all.

Cyberpassport for equality – Ayt de la Villa de Firgas – Opciónate (opcionate.com)